It’s up to you

She is infatuated with the intense desire to be loved. She want & wishes so dearly for a love parallel to hers. She is only able to give what she has known love to be. She receive in return, what she believe love is not. She feels alone & abandoned. She feels as if her love, is being taking for granted. Once motivated, she’s now exasperated. She dreamed of wedding bells awaiting. Now her mind spend most days escaping. She wonder is it just dreams, she is chasing. You must Love, as your Love, wants to be loved. Then you will see your chariot awaiting. We often define the word love differently. Everyone’s definition of love is not the same. The way he treats you depends on his interpretation, of what he believe love is. So to me, love is what your partner believe love is. Understand, you will soon, be a wife to be.

Published by Rio Major

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and investor from Chicago Illinois. Im currently building my professional portfolio & working diligently on scaling my businesses. Im also working just as hard at creating profitable returns on my past & future investments. Im open to communicating & networking with any person or persons representing a business or themselves as an individual. I look forward to hearing from as many people as possible on this platform. I absolutely know the contents from Rio Major will be absolutely entertaining. Lets Enjoy the Ride!!

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