Anticipation Awaits

I’ve faced many challenges growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. Like myself & a few others I know, we were absolutely  blessed to have overcome such a perilous situation. Due to circumstances beyond a young black man’s control, many friends and many family members weren’t able to conquer and surviveContinue reading “Anticipation Awaits”

Happiness Awakens

Come to a realization & understand where happiness lies. We make a choice on how to live each moment of our lives. The circumstances brought upon us, is not the same as happiness. Happiness should not be measured from the situations we choose to allow ourselves to endure. The things you enjoy to do, isContinue reading “Happiness Awakens”

Tao Writer – Don’t Get Old

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -) In memory of my friend Bob McGuinn Be careful of growing old, he tells me.It happens so suddenly over the years.One day you are young, in love, full of energythe next day you are old, loveless, lackingboth muscle mass and strength.The legs are the first to go, he continues,butContinue reading “Tao Writer – Don’t Get Old”

Facts and Truth

Imperfect People loved by a perfect God. Imperfect people. That’s you and me. As hard as we try to be and make everything perfect, we can’t even get close. Only God is perfect and we can only live our best when He works in and through us. Perfect God. Lord over all, God who createdContinue reading “Facts and Truth”

Don’t Be Fooled

A fool will live life consumed with scenes of false acts. He will depict a false reality similar of an actor, or character in a theatrical play. If you were somehow able to take a peek behind the scenes of this foolish character. You would see his authenticity is without merit. His deceptiveness will soonContinue reading “Don’t Be Fooled”